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United One

(Corporate Headquarters)

280 North Sherman Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Products and Services

Executive Officers

  • Louis J. Cesare
    Chairman and Secretary of the Board
  • Denise Cesare
    President and
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Sean Higgins
    Executive Vice President,
    Sales and Marketing
  • Michael Harostock
    Senior Vice President of Business Development and Business Analytics
  • Jennifer Collins
  • Miriam D’Elia
    Senior Counsel
  • Ashley Harostock
    Director of Human Resources
  • Julie Phillips
    Executive Assistant

Sales and Marketing

  • Sean Higgins
    Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
  • Jennifer Dennison
    Regional Account Executive
  • Pattie Wolf
    Regional Account Executive
  • Amanda Gazoo
    Director of Marketing and Market Research
  • Email  sales@unitedone.com

Products and Services

  • Jenny Centrella
    Director of Appraisal Services
  • Marie Donahue
    Director of Real Estate Services
  • Michelle Connors
    Director of Credit and Title Services
  • Tara Yorina
    Supervisor of Title Services
  • Lauren Mishanski
    CSR/Vendor Management Supervisor


  • IT Department
    Technical Support Contact

Accounting Division

Appraisal Services Division

Compliance Team

Credit Services Division

Real Estate Services Division

Title Insurance Services Division

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