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United One offers an extensive array of products and services specific to the commercial lending market. We can provide business credit reports and flood zone determinations, as well as various loan closing and collection services. Our courthouse record services include current owner property reports, judgment searches, and state and county UCC checks. We can also provide corporate integrity documents such as corporate status information, certificates of good standing, copies of articles of incorporation, corporate tax lien certificates, fictitious name searches, motor vehicle lien checks, and environmental lien checks.

For corporate loan portfolio management, United One offers a life of loan flood zone determination service, which will notify you of any changes in coverage requirements for a property.

For loan closings, United Ones’ legal and operations team handles a wide variety of title insurance and settlement services. Or if title insurance is not required, try our mortgage filing and bringdown service – an insured, time-saving process for recording your mortgages at a local courthouse.

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