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Mortgage Credit Services

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United One offers merged credit reports through Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reports are available for use through Desktop Underwriter/Originator ® and Loan Prospector ®. United Ones’ team has extensive experience processing tradeline supplements, expedited disputes, verifications of mortgage or rent and residential credit reports.

Like the entire family of United One risk management information services, our credit reporting services can be ordered online through our login center located on the right hand side of this page. United Ones’ mortgage report software is an internet-based platform compatible with most major loan origination packages. Our website and its associated software allow credit reports to be ordered through the loan origination software and allows the credit data to be imported into the appropriate fields.

United One Infile Credit Report Reference Guide


Residential Mortgage Credit Report
The Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR) is a credit tool processed to the strict specifications of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many times an RMCR is required because the borrower’s file is not complete enough to make a sound lending decision. Tradelines are updated within 90 days and also provides employment verifications. We also provide landlord verifications and verification of mortgage at the lender’s request.

Non-Traditional Report
This report is ideal for borrowers without traditional lines of credit. We call creditors that don’t report to the three national credit bureaus and add the information to the credit file.

International Report
This report details mature credit history in another country and is perfect for borrowers who have recently moved to the U.S. but haven’t yet established credit here.

Supplemental Report
Used when one or more trade lines need to be updated from a credit file.

Verification of Mortgage
Used when updated balance and/or credit history is needed.

Verification of Rental
Used when present and/or previous rental and payment history is needed.

Expedited Dispute Process
Credit bureau update within 72 hours with appropriate document required.

CreditXpert Analysis
To explain each applicant’s own, unique credit by identifying good as well as bad factors impacting their credit, so you manage their expectations.

CreditXpert What If Simulator
Allows you to try different scenarios and find out how they might impact the applicant’s credit.

Business Report
This report accurately documents the credit history of a self-employed borrower

Need information on the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003? Please visit our Fact Act page for a summary of responsibilities and a useful brochure to guide your compliance efforts.

To place a Rescore Order please download and complete the Rapid Rescore Order Form.

Although the 26 Red Flags rules are primarily applicable to financing institutions, United One has always had measures in place to prevent fraud and identity theft. With the onset of the new Red Flag criteria, we have adapted our procedures to address the concerns set forth therein as they would pertain to and effect our daily operations and interactions with our valued clientele. By so doing, we provide those parties that use United One as a vendor additional security and peace of mind knowing United One acknowledges and has taken steps to ensure the integrity of confidential and sensitive information within our company.

For information regarding the 26 Red Flags, click here.

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A member of United Ones’ team would be pleased to talk with you about this or any of our risk management information services in more detail. Please contact our office at 800-WE-CLOSE x2830, or send an e-mail to credit@unitedone.com.

If you are a consumer, please visit our consumer page for more information on mortgage credit reports.

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