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Tax Monitoring

Tax Monitoring

Simplify Real Estate Tax Monitoring

New Industry-Leading Tax Monitoring Technology Provides Instant Insight into Your Loan Portfolio

New System Capabilities:

  • Dashboard provides instant insight into loan portfolio
  • Highlight delinquencies using real-time data
  • Ease of onboarding via electronic file transfer capabilities
  • Solutions available for single parcels through large development tracts
  • Automatically provides updates to lender’s system
  • Automatically generated, customizable delinquency letters
  • Communicate with customer service directly through the application
  • Real-time data solely searched by United One
  • Flexible and custom reporting
  • Bulk processing capabilities
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The business of growing and managing your business is becoming increasingly difficult. A low rate environment forces you to be extremely efficient across all business processes. Competitors are aggressively pursuing your best customers in your backyard – as a result many lenders have grown their portfolio by expanding across multiple geographies. Technology advances require you to make large investments to build capabilities in non-core functions to meet the expectations of a mobile, bank anywhere – anytime consumer. Additionally, regulators continue to weigh heavy on the processes of assessing, making and protecting loans and lien positions.

To the team at United One, developing services to protect your loans is as important as being the definitive source of information to help you make loans. Our Tax Monitoring Services protects your lien position over the life of the loan and helps you stay compliant with servicing requirements. We combine up-to-date data sources with experienced searchers, working in county tax claim offices, to ensure the most accurate, timely and cost effective approach to protect your portfolio and to ensure compliance with county, state and federal regulations. Lenders that service first mortgage and commercial real estate loans have a responsibility to monitor the proper payment of property taxes and ground rents for every outstanding loan. This is a cost of doing business in today’s increasingly complex, increasingly difficult lending environment, but a cost that is reduced by working with United One.

  • New loans, we work with you to ensure that the borrower pays settlement fees associated with monitoring tax payments over the life of the loan.
  • Existing loans, we use our trained searcher staff which frees up your team to do what they do best – make loans and service customers.

United One helps customers by providing definitive information to make the best collateral based lending decisions and offering services to protect our customers’ lien position over the life of each and every portfolio loan. Since tax liens have priority over lender liens, you want to ensure that you, not the taxing authority, have the primary lien position.

  • No delay: We provide prompt insight on the status of loans as tax information is reported to each county’s claim bureau.
  • No guessing: Our information and processes are consistent across all loans and across all counties providing a sense of assurance and safety.
  • No gaps: We are a full service provider that creates great value from mortgage application to loan satisfaction.
  • No burden: We focus on protecting loans and keeping you compliant with Fannie Mae as you focus on making loans and serving your customers.

Like the entire family of United Ones’ risk management information services, our courthouse record services can be ordered online through our login center. Our reports can be delivered to you via our website or via e-mail, while certain courthouse copies are delivered via fax.

This product can easily be bundled with the following products and services:

A member of United Ones’ team would be pleased to speak with you about this or any of our risk management information services in more detail. Please contact our office at 800-WE-CLOSE x2830, or send an e-mail to

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